Methana is a volcanic peninsula in the north - east of Peloponnese in Saronicos Bay. Its location, beautifull beaches, hot water springs, the volcano and the mild climate make Methana an attractive destination for holidays snd wekkend trips. The hot water springs offer the visitor cure, relaxation and invigoration.

You can reach the peninsula by car or by boat (a two hour drive from Athens and a two hour voyage from Piraues).

Attractions worth visiting:

The volcanic crater near Cameni Chora village, which is one of the 30 craters to be found in the peninsula. The volcano erupted around 250BC.

The lake "pigeon cave" which ends in three chambers covered with water.

The following peninsula beaches with clear water and lots of fresh fish: Nisaki, Akti Karastamati, Agios Nikolaos, Limniona, Agios Giorgis, Taktikoupoli, Metamorfosi, Kalloni.

The ruins of the citadel of ancient Methana near Vathy, the ancient Baths and quite a number of stone-built churches of historical interest.

Trekking in the peninsula mountains - for example the turtle route (4 hour duration).


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